Local Government International Affairs

  1. Major Function
  2. Local Government International Affairs

Local Government International Affairs

Online Bureau

To quickly deal with glocalization tasks of local governments online and provide various services regardless of time difference and place


  • Operated Hours : Year-round(24/7 services)
  • Provided Services : Interpretation & translation, International Exchange, Overseas visit Arrangement, Information Request, General Inquiries
  • Operating Process
1.Request Service 2.Wait to be registered3.Assigned to relevant department(Immediately Assigned)4.Assigned to relevant  staff(Immediately Assigned)5.Mid-response(Immediate Response)6.Final Response 1.Request Service 2.Wait to be registered3.Assigned to relevant department(Immediately Assigned)4.Assigned to relevant  staff(Immediately Assigned)5.Mid-response(Immediate Response)6.Final Response

※ When the request cannot be proceeded immediately upon registration, local governments are noticed by the Mid-response.

Coaching Service on International Exchange

Strengthen the international capabilities of local governments by providing vitalizing plan and alternatives about the exchange area, method, and content that is most suitable for carrying out the best international exchange


  • Period : twice a year
  • Target : Local Governments(City, County, District)
  • Theme : Local Government International affairs
  • Content : Individual coaching provided by experts on the chosen theme

Training Program for Foreign Public Officials(K2H Program)

  • Invitation program for foreign public officials of local governments that currently are or is willing to cooperate with Korean local governments
  • Program to foster new generation of public officials whom will play a pivotal role in international exchanges among local governments of Korea and foreign countries through understanding Korea and Korean local administration.


  • Period : April ~ October (6 months)
  • Participants : 60 public officials from foreign local governments (English or Korean speakers)
  • Programt : Pre-training, Local Government Program, Certification Ceremony, etc.
  • Host : Governors Association of Korea, Korean Local Government
  • Participation Fee
    • Governors Association of Korea pre-training expense, medical and accident insurance costs, living expense (4,00,000 won / monthly)
    • Korean Local Government : accommodation, living expense(4,00,000 won / monthly)

Korea-China-Japan Local Governments Conference

To provide a platform to proceed with practical exchange projects and cooperative networks among Korean, Chinese, Japanese local governments


  • Period : August ~ September (Four days) / Annually
  • Target : Korea, China, Japan local governments
  • Venue : based on rotation basis among the 3 countries
  • Content : presentations, sharing of best practices, discuss and exchange information on local government cooperation

Network with International and Domestic Partners

To facilitate local governments’ international cooperation by attaining domestic and overseas foothold for successfully conducting the internationalization practices of local governments


  • Target
    • Local government associations and overseas offices abroad
    • Foreign missions in Korea and foreign advisories., etc.
  • Content
    • Find new international projects
    • Strengthen international exchange programs of local governments
    • Informational cooperation through the network
  • Utilization
    • For conducting projects to support international activities of local governments
    • For reference to creating new projects
    • For collecting best practices of foreign local government administration

Overseas Training Program for Korean Local Public Officials

To enhance international competitiveness of local governments by empowering the glocal capacity of the local public officials


  • Target : Local public officials
  • Destination : Based on the best practice of foreign local governments
  • Activity : Visit to foreign local governments to benchmark best practices

Foreign Language Speech Contest for Local Public Officials

To improve the language skills of the local public officials who will most likely lead the internationalization of their regional area in the era of globalization


  • Target : local public officials (administrative level 5 and below)
  • Language : English, Chinese, Japanese
  • Content : Finals contest will be held only with those who pass the preliminary rounds

Research Foreign Best Practices

Research and disseminate foreign best practices to Korean local governments as reference to developing Korean local administration and strengthening competitiveness.


  • Area of Research : foreign administrative practices
    • General administration / financial issues / cultural tourism / transportation / environment / welfare / Health / Female youth / multi-cultural society / economic industry
    • Employment and labor / farming, fishing and dairy / construction technology / fire prevention / local conferences / enactment of regulations / domestic local best practices

Workshop of Local Officials in charge of International Exchange

To introduce the international works and projects conducted by the association and provide a platform where GAOK and local governments, and among municipalities can share information


  • Period : March / Annually
  • Participants : Local public officials in charge of International affairs
  • Main content : Introduction of the Association’s work, lectures on glocalization ect

Academy for International Affairs

To make a foundation in the internationalization of local areas through nurturing talented people in international field


  • Period : twice a year
  • Participants : local public officials in the working level
  • Content  : International protocol and etiquette, analysis of best and failure practices of international exchanges, international events, successful ways of international exchanges among cities and vitalizing exchanges among sister cities

Glocalization Lecturing

To facilitate the internationalization of local areas through raising awareness of internationalization of local public officials To draw attention and encourage participation through the promotion of internationalization support projects by the Association


  • Target : 12 local governments (flexible depending on the demand from local municipalities)
  • Venue : decided by each local municipality
  • Lecture theme : overall tasks for internationalization by local municipalities
    ※ Example themes : International etiquette, protocol , international relations, vitalizing local festivals

Forum for Vitalizing International Exchange

To find out practical alternatives in order to deal with the issues and problems that local governments are facing when they are promoting projects on international relations


  • Subject : Timely appropriate theme related to international relations among local governments
  • Main content : presentation & debate by experts, Q&A session
  • Target : International relations officials of local municipalities, academia and civic experts in international relations, etc.